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A Visual Journey

Mystifyingimran is a captivating performer who has won the hearts of audiences around the nation. Mystifyingimran has worked tirelessly to develop a unique style and technique, as well as to collaborate on various projects with artists from around the country. They’ve been fortunate to work with innovative performers in the field and is constantly on the search for new and exciting opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about the inspiration, style & work that drives Mystifyingimran to success, get in touch to learn more.

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To see exactly what Mystifyingimran provides, be sure to check out the list of services listed. Offering a wide range of services to meet collaborators’ and clients’ needs, this artist goes above and beyond to satisfy everyone’s vision, while also staying true to a unique style and tone. Get in touch today.

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Mystifyingimran specialist in providing quality magic entertainment to corporate parties, private events, weddings, as well as large scale events and festivals. This is by far Mystifyingimran’s most well know sort after shows as his performance that tour Internationally.

*Virtual/online show Available.

Enter a mesmerising realm where art comes to life in a symphony of sand and animation. Introducing our extraordinary sand art show, a breathtaking fusion of creativity and technology. Prepare to be captivated as the delicate grains of sand transform into stunning masterpieces before your very eyes, accompanied by a customisable animation background that adds a touch of elegance and personalisation to every performance.

Each piece is original and custom designed for your event.  This artist performs his routine in just a few minutes to the amazement of the viewer.  With meticulous precision and artistry, we delicately apply paint glue onto the midnight canvas, carefully choosing colors that will ignite the spark of wonder. Then, as if by some enchanting spell, we release a cascade of glitter, an explosion of shimmering particles that dances and swirls, breathing life into the hidden masterpiece.

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Prepare to be transported into a mesmerising realm of luminescent wonder with our show, Epic Glow. Step into a world where light becomes a magical brush, painting captivating stories on a canvas that glows in the dark. Witness the harmonious marriage of light, music, and imagination as our skilled performers create a symphony of visual storytelling.

Fusion  is a captivating painting that combines three distinct acrylic paints, skill-fully intertwined to create a breathtaking masterpiece. The vibrant colours and intricate brushwork harmonise in a way that evokes a sense of awe and wonder. Each paint hue brings its unique personality, contributing to the overall composition's depth and visual appeal.

​Welcome to the enchanting world of the Magic Art Workshop! Immerse yourself in this captivating experience where you'll learn the art of creating props, gimmicks, and performing your very own magic tricks.

Unlock your creativity as you design and construct your personalized props, infusing them with your own touch of wonder. From intricate card tricks to mind-boggling illusions, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to mesmerize others with your magical prowess.

Online workshop Available.

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